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Fotbollslandskamp / Internationale Fußball 

International football at Snälleröds IP for the first time?

Today we had an international football game at Snälleröds IP, I think this was the first international game in the history of Snälleröds IP. A German team, SV Germania from Hovestadt outside Dortmund, visited us and played a game of football and then they offered "some" food and a little to drink.

He game was well played, sort of … and both teams got one yellow card from the untouchable judge! But no hard feeling after the game and we had a good time …

The visitor won by 6 – 4!

We did our best to eat up the Bratwursts offered but when I left there was still a lot, so I think we lost that game to …

I hope they had as good time as we had!

Here are some pictures!








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